How To Ensure A Comfortable Denture Fit

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Like all dental appliances, dentures take a bit of time to “break in”. Your mouth may feel uncomfortable at first while you get used to speaking, eating and smiling with your new dentures. At Emergency Denture Repairs, we work with you to create the most comfortable dentures possible. We’ve put together some tips for improving your comfort with dentures.

1. Be Patient through the Healing Process

Similar to braces, your dentures may feel odd at first. Many patients need time to grow confident with the strange feeling, especially when learning to speak and eat with new dentures. Remember that the discomfort will go away as you get used to your dentures, so take the time to practice speaking with friends. In a short time, the dentures will feel natural and you won’t have any problems speaking and eating as normal.

2. Practice Proper Care and Hygiene

Dentures are inherently strong enough to handle the pressures we put on our jaws in daily life. Although your dentures are designed for pressure, it’s important that you try to be as careful as possible with them. Take care when removing your dentures at night and make sure you don’t drop them as this can cause the structure to break or bend, making them less comfortable to wear.

Just like your teeth, dentures need to be cleaned daily. They won’t suffer from cavities, but they can incur stains and foul smells when they aren’t looked after properly. Use specialty cleaning solutions and denture toothpaste to loosen plaque build-up and remove stains. You will ensure a comfortable denture fit when your dentures are in the best possible condition.

3. Notice Changes in the Fit of Your Dentures

At any stage of your journey with dentures, you may notice discomfort or problems with their fit. It is natural for your gums and bones to move over time, and this can affect the way dentures sit in your mouth. When you notice issues, speak to Emergency Denture Repairs straight away to avoid inflammation, sores, pain or burning sensations. Fixing the fit of your dentures is a simple process that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

4. Give Your Mouth a Rest

It is recommended that you remove your dentures for 6 to 8 hours a day – this is easy to achieve if you take them out while you sleep. Removing your dentures will allow the soft tissues in your mouth to heal from any irritation or soreness that may have occurred from long periods of wearing dentures.

To stop them from drying out and help them to retain their shape, store your dentures in warm water or a denture solution that has been approved by your clinician.

5. Avoid Hard Foods and Take Smaller Bites

Hard or sticky food can be difficult for dentures to handle, leading to discolouration or discomfort. Sticking with a healthy diet and avoiding hard foods will make your dentures last longer and feel better in your mouth. Take smaller bites while eating to make chewing easier and ensure your dentures aren’t overloaded.

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