At Emergency Denture Repairs, we can handle the replacement and repair of your existing dentures without a huge cost to you. Whether they’re full, immediate, conventional, or custom-made, our expert dental team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your denture servicing and repairs are carried out quickly and to the highest quality.

Modern dentures are more comfortable and look more natural, but they can be delicate and accidents do happen. Although we only use high quality, high impact resistant materials that will not break as easily, dropping your dentures, chewing hard foods, ill-fitting and loose dentures, or improper storage and cleaning can cause breakage.

We give priority to emergency denture repairs, so call us as soon as you need assistance and we’ll see you as soon as we can.

The Largest Direct Denture Manufacturer in Perth

We’re the largest direct manufacturer of dentures in Perth, which means we can professionally make and repair your dentures for much less than our competitors. With over 35 years in the industry, our qualified dental technicians and prosthodontists provide fast denture service and repair so you can get on with eating, speaking and smiling as quickly as possible. We understand the inconvenience that occurs when your dentures need repairs or replacement, so we have five clinics across Perth to make it easier for you to access our services.

Our Comprehensive Repair Process

Repairing dentures needs to be done in a precise and comprehensive manner. It typically involves several steps which may vary depending on the extent of the damage. Here’s a general overview of our process:

  1. Assessment: The first step is to assess the extent of the damage to the denture. This may involve examining the denture visually and possibly taking X-rays to identify any underlying issues.

  2. Gather Materials: The dentist or dental technician gathers the necessary materials and tools for the repair. This may include denture repair acrylic, bonding agents, polishing materials, and other equipment.

  3. Cleaning: The damaged area of the denture is cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris, adhesive residue, or contaminants that could interfere with the repair process.

  4. Alignment: If the denture pieces are misaligned or broken into multiple parts, they are carefully aligned to ensure proper fit and function before proceeding with the repair.

  5. Bonding: The broken pieces of the denture are bonded together using a denture repair acrylic or other appropriate bonding agent. The bonding material is applied to the surfaces of the broken pieces and then pressed together firmly to ensure a secure bond.

  6. Excess Removal: Any excess bonding material is trimmed away and smoothed out to ensure a comfortable fit and natural appearance of the repaired denture.

  7. Polishing: The repaired area of the denture is polished to match the rest of the denture surface and restore its smooth texture and appearance.

  8. Final Inspection: Once the repair is complete, the denture is inspected carefully to ensure that the repair is successful and that the denture functions properly. Any necessary adjustments are made to optimize fit and comfort.

  9. Patient Education: The patient is provided with instructions on how to care for the repaired denture, including proper cleaning techniques and any precautions to take to prevent future damage.

  10. Follow-Up: Denture-related follow-up appointments may be scheduled to monitor the repaired denture and address any issues that arise during the healing process.


Mobile Denture Repair Services Also Available

Sometimes our customers have limited mobility and can’t travel to one of our clinics, that’s why we have a mobile denture clinic, so everyone can benefit from our professional damaged denture repairs in Perth. Call us today and we’ll visit you at home, in the hospital or your aged care facility to repair, reline, deliver your new set of dentures, or just to check on your existing dentures if they don’t feel right or are causing problems.

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