Finding top quality dentures can be a vital step for many people who want their old bite back, literally! Comfortable, premium dentures that fit properly, and do not move away from your gums, can look and feel like your natural teeth. With a long lasting design, great dentures tick all the boxes of appearance as well as function, and deliver that impressive dental makeover you have been waiting for.

What are the risks of cheap dentures?

While cost is an important factor to take into account, the risks of opting for a cheaper solution can end up costing you more in the long run. The downsides of cheaper dentures tend to reveal themselves after long term use, when the economical materials start to deteriorate.

Common issues that people experience include difficulty eating thanks to poorly fitting dentures, sore mouth and irritated gums due to rubbing in the wrong areas, and even blisters. Cheap dentures tend to curb your bite in a way that premium dentures from Emergency Denture Repair don’t, resulting in fungal infections from areas of pooled saliva.

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What are the advantages of high quality  premium dentures and the security they bring?

When sourcing your new dentures, think of it as an investment in your oral health as well as a dental makeover. Opting for premium dentures means a guaranteed comfortable fit without any ongoing irritation, thanks to a personalised denture fit that will never come loose.

Whether your requirement is for full or partial dentures, the end goal is always to have natural looking teeth that you can use as normal. Cheaper dentures can affect your speech and mannerisms with a poor fit, whereas premium dentures like the ones we fit at Emergency Denture Repair have a dependable hold that does not pull away from your gums, letting you eat and speak like usual.

Invest in premium dentures

Choosing to fit superior dentures can be a transformative decision, enabling you to return to eating and speaking in comfort just like you always have. We believe quality is key, working with only the best materials and smart design for our premium dentures that are built to fit, and to last. For more information on our range of dentures to suit all budgets, get in touch now.

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