Denture repairs service in Bassendean

Visit Emergency Denture Repairs’ specialist denture clinic in Bassendean, where expert technicians and a full-service on-site laboratory provide tailored denture services. With a focus on dedicated care with an efficient turn-around, you can get on-the-spot denture repairs and thorough ongoing denture maintenance in Perth with the help of EDR’s friendly, professional team.

A focus on providing the best care and a comfortable experience for each valued customer has cemented EDR as a leading provider of premium denture services, from new fittings and ongoing adjustments to urgent replacements and effective denture repair in Bassendean.

mobile denture clinic

Premium new dentures in Bassendean and Greater Perth

As established smile makers since 1979, Emergency Denture Repair has become a trusted one-stop-shop for custom-made full, partial, and implant-retained denture services, including prompt denture maintenance in Perth. Book an urgent repair appointment or a customised consultation today, and allow EDR’s compassionate team to improve the comfort of your daily life with quality new dentures in Perth.

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