Professional denture repairs services in Wembley

For prompt and professional denture care services, visit Emergency Denture Repairs’ established clinic in Wembley. As Perth’s largest direct manufacturer of quality dentures, EDR is a leading provider of custom dentures and on-the-spot repairs, catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

With an aim to make comfortable, superior dentures accessible to everyone, EDR puts customers first by offering tailored treatment plans and free consultations and adjustments; even providing a Mobile Denture Service for those unable to reach the practice in Wembley.

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Reliable denture repairs and maintenance in Wembley and Greater Perth

Getting high-quality new dentures in Perth can be transformative for your daily quality of life. Each specialist at EDR focused on providing customised denture services suited to each customer’s needs and budget, from superior custom-made full and partial dentures to implant-retained dentures. Each set of dentures is made in the on-site laboratory at the Wembley clinic for prompt and professional results.

Get in touch to book an appointment for new dentures, repairs, or thorough denture maintenance in Perth, and elevate your smile today!

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