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Dentures are often a fantastic solution for those struggling with tooth pain, particularly amongst the older demographic. If you’ve been wearing partial dentures, you may be considering upgrading to full dentures. Alternatively, this may be the first time you’ve thought about getting dentures, and are considering full dentures. No matter your situation, our team of professionals at Emergency Denture Repairs are here to help improve your smile with brand new full dentures in Perth. 

What is a Complete Denture Set?

Full dentures often come as a set, with the primary purpose of filling in for missing teeth. The gaps left by missing teeth often lead to myriad of problems in everyday life, such as speech issues, a decrease in confidence and discomfort while eating. These gaps can also put pressure on the remaining teeth, sometimes pushing them out of their usual alignment. A new set of full dentures is removable, enabling you to clean your dentures regularly and to take them out before bed. 

fillings and denture setting

Getting a Set of Premium Full Dentures

Often, our clients find that the cost of their new dentures is covered by their private health fund, which usually absorbs around 80 percent of the cost involved. At Emergency Denture Repair, we have six renowned clinics throughout WA, as well as a mobile dental service around Perth, making full dentures more accessible for you.

As a direct manufacturer of dentures, Emergency Denture Repairs can provide a full set of dentures to our clients at an affordable price. We also offer mid-range and premium dentures for those who would like to tailor their dentures to achieve a more natural appearance.

Quality Set of Complete Dentures in Perth

With our team of experienced denture specialists, Emergency Denture Repair is your go-to specialist for all your new dentures requirements. We’re here to help you achieve the dental makeover that you’re dreaming of with our selection of premium full set dentures. For more information on our new denture options, give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

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