Taking Care Of Your Dentures

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All forms of removable dentures need proper care in order to stay clean and safe to use. Just like regular teeth, they can develop stains and gather food remnants, making daily cleaning an essential step of owning and using dentures. 

Taking good care of your replacement teeth helps guarantee a long life span, as well as giving them a healthy, stain-free exterior to match your original row of enamel. Whether you have new partial dentures, or are looking for tips to take care of your existing full dentures, we have gathered all the information you’ll need for denture care to keep them in tip top shape!


Get the most from your dentures

Getting new dentures can be transformative for someone with chewing issues, and it’s important to treat them as an investment. Smart care and regular denture repair will help to extend their lifespan, while keeping them in good working condition. There are several easy practices you can incorporate into your daily routine that will keep your dentures in great shape, for as long as possible.

One of the most important parts of denture care is to remove them after eating and give them a good rinse, washing out any food particles. Be careful not to damage them through bending or dropping – placing a towel underneath, or having water in the sink, when cleaning can save a denture from breaking. 


How to look after your dentures

As well as rinsing your dentures after meals, it’s important to give them a good scrub with a toothbrush every day. Just like your own teeth, denture care requires brushing to get rid of any food particles and small debris, and lift plaque, to keep them clean and healthy.

Be sure to clean your mouth well with a soft toothbrush after removing your custom set, as this guarantees good oral health and a clean space for your dentures to sit when you’re using them. Keep them soaking overnight so they retain their shape, either in denture cleaning solution or water.

One of the absolute best ways to keep your prosthetic teeth operating well for a long time is to have regular check-ups with a denture expert, like the knowledgeable team at EDR. As denture repair specialists they can easily advise and help with any potential issues. 


Handling new dentures 

For those new to the glorious world of dentures (full of chewing and beaming smiles!), there are a few core areas to get used to. It’s imperative to get the help of denture care specialists when getting new dentures, as they have the specialist expertise to guide you through the process and help with any queries or concerns toy might have. 

Your chosen denture professional will explain how important it is to be careful when taking your dentures in and out, as forcing them can cause damage. Take your time, be gentle, and you’ll find the right placement. 

Eating and chewing is one arena guaranteed to transform with new dentures, but it can take getting used to. Go easy to begin with, and start with soft foods before gradually building up to tougher meals that require serious chewing. Your new prosthetic teeth will feel strange at the start, so go slow, take small bites, and chew on both sides of your mouth to even out any pressure.


Common issues to avoid

Correct denture care involves treating them gently, and not exposing them to harmful chemicals or stressful scenarios that can alter shape and therefore effectiveness. When cleaning your dentures, as you should do everyday, be sure to use standard toothbrushes and toothpaste. Stiff brushes and bristles are usually too abrasive and can lead to denture problems, as can harsh toothpastes with whitening paste, which incidentally will not change the colour of prosthetic teeth. 

Other damaging liquids include anything containing chlorine, as it can corrode metal within, as well as bleach which not only weakens the dentures’ structure but alters the colour so they’ll no longer match your original teeth. Use only warm water when cleaning, as boiling or even very hot water can change the shape and warp elements, making them unsuitable to use. 


Premium denture care

Given the intense use your dentures are put through, it’s absolutely normal to run into a few issues now and then. The important thing is to seek the help and advice of denture care specialists, like the experienced team at EDR

The best way to keep them in excellent condition is to clean daily, and tackle build-up immediately by soaking them in 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar. If you use an overnight denture-soaking solution be sure to give your dentures a really thorough rinse before placing them in your mouth, as the chemicals are not made for ingestion and can cause illness if swallowed. 


Quality denture repair

Should you notice any odd changes or new issues that are causing discomfort it’s important to seek the help of professionals. If dentures regularly move in the mouth, or make noise, this can lead to painful pinches or sore spots on your gums. 

There’s no need to struggle through irritation, call up your experienced denture specialists at EDR straight away. As well as check for clean oral health, our professional team will ensure your dentures fit properly and are not slipping and shifting, causing pain and possible infection. Routine dental check ups will keep your dentures in prime condition, and allow experts ample opportunity to carry out regular denture repairs to avoid long term issues. 


Let EDR help with your denture needs

As leading denture experts here in Perth the team at EDR understands the value quality dentures can bring to people’s lives, and we want their replacement teeth investment to truly give them their money’s worth. To assist our valued customers with limited mobility, we even have a mobile denture clinic to provide professional denture repairs at home. 

With six Perth clinics, plus our mobile unit, we make it easy for everyone to get the most out of the knowledge of our team that stems from over 35 years of experience. Being the largest manufacturer of dentures in Perth means we are able to create tailored solutions to suit any budget, and have an impressively fast turnaround for new dentures as well as denture repairs. 

For more information on our denture care services, or to book a consultation, get in touch today and let us help restore your beautiful smile. 

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