Regain Your Smile with A Dental Makeover

regain smile dental makeover

Achieving your dream smile may be easier than you think. A beautiful smile makes a great first impression and having the confidence to show off your healthy teeth and gums makes a world of difference. Whether you have oral health issues or require cosmetic improvements, tailored smile makeovers provide authentic beauty – both inside and out.

The experienced dental practitioners at EDR offer knowledgeable advice and extensive support to each patient undergoing a transformative dental makeover. Whether you have discolouration or chipped teeth, a customised plan is followed to create an attractive, flattering smile.

Learn all about the power of a dental makeover, and key considerations when designing a new smile.

What exactly are smile makeovers?

A dental makeover is using one or more cosmetic dental treatments to rejuvenate a patient’s smile. From crooked teeth to a gummy smile, many aesthetic aspects can be transformed for the better with EDR’s state-of-the-art technology and far-reaching dentistry experience.

By designing a custom treatment plan to suit your specific needs, leading cosmetic dentistry procedures are utilised to transform your smile and oral health to peak condition. All aspects are taken into consideration, from your age and lifestyle to facial structure and lip framework, for curated dental makeovers that complement each individual’s needs.

Why should you consider a dental makeover?

The versatility of a smile makeover in Perth makes it a suitable option for anyone looking to improve their oral aesthetic. Working with expert dentists at EDR means accessing a personalised treatment plan, with each resulting smile just as unique as the person displaying it.

There are many reasons to consider a dental makeover. Discoloured teeth can be whitened or replaced with veneers, and chipped or cracked teeth repaired with tooth bonding. Restorative treatments like crowns, bridges, and fillings can improve oral health issues, protecting teeth from further damage or decay.

How experts design your new smile

Knowledgeable dentists will determine the ideal route for custom smile makeovers, taking into account key aspects, from your lifestyle and overall health to facial proportions and teeth shape.

Step 1: Consultation – Clarification of costs, risks, and benefits of each treatment. An oral examination and x-rays will be taken to check for hidden issues that must be fixed before restorative work begins.

Step 2: Planning – A customised treatment plan is created, laying out the procedure pathway to your dream smile. This includes the number of appointments and procedures required, as well as payment plans.

Step 3: Treatment – One or more predetermined procedures are undergone to transform your smile and improve both oral health and appearance, where customised options like premium or partial dentures are designed to suit your needs.

What are the common procedures involved in dental makeovers?

Just like every smile is unique, dental makeovers are tailored to suit the varying needs of each patient. With a wide range of effective, minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures available, it’s never been easier for practised dentists to design your perfect smile makeover. Popular procedures include:

Get an exceptional smile makeover in Perth with EDR

Emergency Denture Repair utilises three decades of dental experience to provide a comprehensive range of premium cosmetic dentistry and denture services, from porcelain veneers to dental implants. With guaranteed long-lasting results that are both aesthetic and functional, our dedicated team offers a tailored smile makeover in Perth to suit a wide range of requirements.

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