Full Arch Fixed Implant: Your Option For All Teeth Replacement

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Living with missing or damaged teeth is not a situation anyone should be in. From difficulties eating certain foods and low smile confidence to the risk of further dental issues, there are daily struggles to contend with. 

Consulting with a trusted dental practitioner at EDR about a complete teeth replacement is an exciting first step in your stunning new smile journey. As well as full support along the way, the following guide is available to inform you about the transformative option of a full arch fixed implant, and the benefits of new dentures.

What is a full-arch restoration?

A full arch smile restoration provides complete teeth replacement for upper and/or lower arches. Suitable for patients missing many (or all) teeth from either arch, this is an effective, permanent solution that replaces both functionality and feel of your natural teeth. 

It’s available in multiple custom options including a fixed dental bridge, full removable denture, and removable over denture.

When to choose a full arch fixed implant bridge

Anyone suffering from the loss of multiple teeth should consider consulting with their experienced denture specialist about a fixed bridge restoration. Unlike traditional removable dentures, which have a tendency to shift in the mouth over time, complete teeth replacement using the combination of a fixed bridge and dental implants provides a permanent, low maintenance solution that functions like real teeth.

Material options

Acrylic dental bridges are created from resin moulds to produce an affordable option that will likely need replacing over time. 

Zirconia dental bridges are created using precise technology to cut the custom prosthetic directly from a zirconia block, creating a strong and natural-looking result. This long-lasting technique creates a support system for implants, with impressive resistance to pressure from chewing and eating. 

What is the full-arch fixed bridge restoration process?

The first step in your restoration journey is to consult with trusted denture experts, who can analyse your oral health and determine the best process for your needs – from clarifying how many implants are required, to the correct shape, size, and colour of your new natural-looking teeth replacement.

The full-arch fixed implant installation process then proceeds as follows:

  • Titanium implants are inserted into the gums, where they fuse to the jawbone over several months, to act as replacement roots. The typical number of implants per arch is 4-5.
  • Temporary crowns are inserted so the look and functionality of your mouth is not affected during this synthesis.
  • Once the jawbone and implants have fused, the next step is installing the permanent bridge. Usually carried out over multiple appointments, this vital step ensures your prosthetic teeth are fully secured to the now stable implants. 
  • Next – enjoy your transformed smile! While it’s recommended to have regular check-up visits with your dentist to ensure all is well, all you need to do is relax and live your daily life with ease and comfort.

What are the benefits of fixed dental implants?

When it comes to restoring your smile with new dentures and fixed implants, there are virtually no downsides. Revitalising your confidence and capabilities makes life easier on a day to day basis:

  • Caring for your new teeth is straightforward – simply brushing and flossing as normal.
  • Unlike removable options, fixed implants stimulate the jawbone to retain your facial profile, and keep facial functionality operating as normal. 
  • The fusion to the jawbone means they feel just like natural teeth, and look just as good too! This aesthetic overhaul is a magnificent confidence booster, allowing you to smile without hesitation, and live a full, independent life.

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Leading experts in full arch fixed implants and enhanced teeth replacement procedures are waiting at EDR to help you with your smile journey. Over 35 years of experience makes us the safe, caring choice along this overwhelming yet exciting process. Contact us today with any queries, or to book a consultation.

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