Stop Waiting; Smile Wider – Dentures for a New Smile

new dentures for a new smile.

If you have teeth issues, you might hide your smile. Instead of feeling like you can laugh at a joke or flash a smile for a friend, these moments leave you feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Dentures are the most common solution to missing teeth and help solve problems like tooth pain and discomfort. 

Dental rebates mean that your dentures could be more affordable than you think. Stop hiding your smile away and treat yourself to dentures to help brighten your day.


How much do dentures cost?

There is no set price for dentures as they will differ for every dentist you visit. While the prices vary across Australia, the high range for dentures in 2017 was around $2,000. Affordable dentures come at a more competitive price, depending on your access to dental rebates.

The cost of your treatment includes more than just the dentures. It includes your consultation, teeth extraction, and any follow-up and aftercare appointments.

Don’t let the price of dentures deter you from renewing your smile. Your health plan and the type of dentures you’re interested in will usually determine whether you can have the cost covered by your provider. If you’re looking for affordable dentures, plastic is the cheapest material choice. Dental rebates will also save you considerably on the overall cost of your treatment. 


Dental rebates for dentures available

As an essential repair treatment, dentures are covered by most dental schemes. At Emergency Denture Repair, our clients have been able to claim up to an 80 per cent rebate on their denture costs. 

Dental rebates are offered by dental or healthcare insurance providers for older clients. Whether or not your health insurance covers your dentures will usually depend on whether we class the treatment as necessary or cosmetic dentistry. It’s worth checking ahead of time to see if you qualify for dental rebates before booking your appointment.

It is almost always cheaper to access your affordable dentures through a rebate program than to pay for them overseas. Once you consider the price of transport and accommodation, even full-price dentures appear affordable.


High quality, affordable dentures at a good price

Getting your affordable dentures is easier than you think. The dentist will start by accessing the condition of your teeth and gums. If you have any remaining teeth, they’ll be extracted to make way for the new dentures. 

We will make an impression of your mouth to replicate your original bite for the dentures. Once your gums have healed after your teeth extraction, the dentist will set up an appointment for installation. You may need to go back in for follow-up appointments to adjust the fit of your dentures as you become more familiar with using them.

If you keep your affordable dentures in good condition, you can expect to get several decades of wear out of them. Not only are they accessible, but they’re also a long-term solution to your teeth issues.

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