Getting New Dentures: Why Not?

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Dentures are meant to be a replacement for your lost teeth, but many people do not use their dentures all the time, and many hesitate to get new dentures at all. Finding good quality dentures may seem overwhelming to a lot of people, as may not knowing where to find the best dentures.

Once you have the right set of dentures, though, you must be able to wear them all the time. They are meant to foster good oral health and overall wellbeing by helping you eat, improving your smile and overall appearance, and boosting your natural confidence.

What Keeps People From Using Dentures?

There are several factors that affect people’s willingness to get and use new dentures. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Unattractive

The purpose of dentures is to make you look and feel good and improve your natural smile. Some dentures may appear too fake, which makes people not want to use them especially in public. Apart from looking bad, some dentures may not even offer the support necessary to maintain or improve your facial structure. However, not using dentures after tooth loss could lead to the shrinking of your face and make you look older.

  • Uncomfortable

Presumably, the biggest problem that keeps people from using their dentures is the pain that comes with it. If they don’t fit as expected, they can cause soreness and irritation of the gums. The same thing might also happen if your dentures are worn out and old. The worst part is that some dentures might even cause headaches, jaw pain, and other symptoms because they don’t support a proper jaw structure.

  • Improper fit

Some people don’t wear their dentures at all simply because they fall out as soon as they’re put in. You don’t want to use dentures that are loose and might fall out if you laugh, sneeze, or even just talk loudly. You would especially want to avoid that if it has happened to you before that your dentures fell and broke! Instead, you would rather keep them safe inside their box and not wear them at all.

  • Obstruction

Your false teeth must do everything that your real teeth were meant to do, which means they play a major role in your speech, smile, and food habits. However, some dentures might be so poorly made or fitted that they interfere with all of these things, making things difficult rather than easier.

Don’t Stress – Y0u Have Options!

While all the reasons mentioned in the previous section might have been acceptable earlier, we have better facilities and more alternatives at our disposal than ever before. While removable dentures are the most common solution for tooth loss, we do have other options available now, such as permanent dentures. Let’s take a look at this option in more detail.

Permanent dentures

Permanent or fixed dentures are nothing but a row of prosthetic teeth held in place by dental implants. With implants, you won’t have to worry anymore about the dentures falling out while you eat, smile, talk, or laugh anymore. You can bite and chew everything you like without worrying about the dentures.

The process of getting permanent dentures is slightly longer and involves dental surgery. However, it is not a very complicated process to understand. Here are the steps involved in it:

  1. The first step is an oral examination of the patient’s mouth and scanning of the jawbone to understand the quality and quantity of the bone available.
  2. After the exam, implants will be fitted into the jawbone – two ahead and two in the back of the mouth.
  3. After the implants are placed, it takes a few months of healing period for the implant to naturally fuse with the bone.
  4. Once the implant is fused and ready, the permanent denture will be fixed on top of it.

There is no perfect procedure to replace your missing teeth, but permanent dentures are one of the more popular options available. Let’s see what some advantages of this procedure are:

  • Permanent dentures involve a shorter surgery which is also less invasive, as compared to traditional dental implants. This also leads to shorter healing times and lesser discomfort.
  • Fixed dentures allow you to eat and speak more comfortably than removable dentures.
  • They are long-lasting and strong. They also eliminate the need to remove them for cleaning.
  • They fit better than removable dentures which makes them more comfortable for the patient. They also support the facial structure better, giving you a more natural and youthful look.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Permanent Dentures?

While fixed dentures are a relatively safe, comfortable, and durable alternative, there are still a few things that must be considered. The foremost thing to consider is that the process involves surgery, although it is less invasive than other methods. Another thing to consider is that the dentures could be prone to infection or inflammation, although this can be avoided with proper cleaning and regular dental check-ups. Finally, you must consider that permanent dentures may be the more expensive option, but it is also the better option in the long run and the benefits will outweigh the cost for sure.

You’re not alone in this!

If you’ve considered both alternatives and are still not sure which is the correct choice for you, don’t worry – you’re not alone in this. We understand that this is a new and overwhelming decision for you and we can help you at every step.

At Emergency Denture Repairs, our experienced team provides a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry to clients in Perth including providing full or partial dentures for young people. We believe everyone deserves to smile with confidence as well as speak and eat with ease. That’s why we’re committed to providing excellence in dentistry.

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