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what are full dentures? - emergency denture repair perth

Our teeth are one of our most visible features. Whether you’re smiling or speaking, they’re usually one of the first things people notice about you. Dentures allow you to replace missing teeth and return your smile to its former lustre. 

Dentures are often the solution to tooth pain issues, particularly among the older demographic. If you’ve been wearing partial dentures, you might be thinking of upgrading to a full denture set. We’re taking a quick look at full dentures, what they can do for your tooth pain, and why you need to hire a trusted dentist to install them.


How Do Full Dentures Work?

Full dentures can be installed as a top, bottom or set. Their primary purpose is to fill in for missing teeth that are causing a myriad of problems in your everyday life. The gaps caused by missing teeth can lead to speech issues and make it uncomfortable to eat. These gaps can put pressure on the remaining teeth, putting them out of shape. Dentures are removable to allow you to clean them or to take them out for sleeping.

For older clients, dentures can help fill and firm their face by filling out their teeth. They’re more affordable compared to other teeth replacement solutions and a long-term solution that can last for decades with proper maintenance.


Dentures Cost and Process: Should I Get Cheap Full Dentures?

At Emergency Denture Repair, we have six clinics and a mobile dental service around Perth, making full dentures more accessible than ever before. Most of our clients can have the cost of their dentures covered by their health funds, which cover around 80 percent of the cost involved. 

As a direct manufacturer of dentures, we can provide them to our clients at the lowest rate. We also offer mid-range and premium dentures for those who want to tailor their dentures for a more natural look.

Having dentures installed is a long process. You’ll start by visiting your dentist for a consultation. They can tell you whether full or partial dentures are the right fit for you. Once you have decided on dentures, we will remove any remaining teeth.

You’ll have to wait for the gum tissue to heal before we can fit your full dentures. Depending on your type of dentures, it can take between three and six visits for them to set. Although there is a wait time involved, this allows for a better fit.


Why You Need A Trusted Dentist for Teeth Fixing with Full Dentures and Implants

When you think of everything involved with installing your full dentures, you quickly realise just how important it is to find a trusted dentist. They have to remove any remaining teeth safely, without irritating your gum tissue. You might get reeled in by a clinic claiming to offer your dentures for a bottom dollar rate. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Only a trusted prosthodontist will be able to get your full dentures to fit correctly in your mouth while preventing irritation and gum pain. At Emergency Denture Repair, we have over thirty-five years of experience with dentures, making us a market leader in Perth.

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