Dentures For Young People

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Although no one wishes for missing teeth, it can affect people at every stage of life. Young people who suffer from missing teeth can see positive results with custom dentures that will lessen the negative side effects of lost teeth. We’re discussing the reasons behind missing teeth, the average age for dentures, and the options available for young people.

What Causes Missing Teeth in Young People?

As we grow older, our teeth naturally decline in strength and functionality. In fact, people between the ages of 45 and 64 are at the highest risk of losing teeth. For many young people, this process can be sped up by certain lifestyle factors and genetic causes. Tooth decay, gum disease and traumatic injuries are all common causes of missing teeth. If the lost teeth are in too poor of a condition to be saved, a patient may need to consider their options for replacements.

Some people are born with congenitally missing teeth, and this genetic condition is usually visible across many generations. The most common teeth to be born without are upper lateral incisors, second premolars and wisdom teeth. Patients who suffer from inherited disorders that causes missing teeth can benefit from early intervention and a professional dental plan.

The Negative Effects of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect the appearance and function of your smile and face. The gaps from missing teeth can take away support from your mouth and create a sagging effect, making you appear older. Missing teeth also make it more difficult to chew and speak – this can take a toll on your confidence and affect the way you approach daily tasks.

Treating Missing Teeth with Dentures

Many people associate dentures with the elderly, assuming that it isn’t a viable option for young people. There is no shame in being a young adult with dentures when this custom treatment can restore your smile and confidence. Dentures are simple replacements for missing teeth, and your clinician will recommend complete dentures or partial dentures, depending on how many teeth you have lost.

At Emergency Denture Repairs, we take the time to match your unique bite with custom-made dentures that are designed to improve the appearance and function of your smile. Dentures for young people may be used to improve speech problems, chewing difficulties and confidence levels.

Additional Dental Treatments for Missing Teeth

If you’d like to look into something more permanent to fix your missing teeth, Emergency Denture Repairs also specialises in dental implants. These permanent fixtures closely mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth and will last for an extremely long time. You may also correct and protect damaged teeth with high-quality crowns and bridges, preventing further tooth loss in the future.

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At Emergency Denture Repairs, our experienced team provides a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry to clients in Perth including providing full or partial dentures for young people. We believe everyone deserves to smile with confidence as well as speak and eat with ease. That’s why we’re committed to providing excellence in dentistry.

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